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Écho for iPad

Print, digital or both ? Écho gives students the choice!

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This application is the student iPad version of Écho, Méthode de français of CLE International

It can replace or supplement books for those who wish to have a print book and a digital version depending on the context of use. You can also choose a print textbook for class and a digital workbook for standalone fixed or mobile use. Others will be more comfortable with a print workbook, but will appreciate the comfort and features of the iPad for reading and using the textbook. Other versions of this application with the same features and functions are in preparation for other devices, computers and tablets.

Print, digital or both ? Écho gives students the choice!

o The Student App includes textbook, portfolio, direct access to all the audios, all the video program. Tests, self-assessment and portfolio are interactive.
o The Workbook App is a fully interactive workbook.

1,500 interactive tasks on 5 levels!
Depending on the type of exercise, self-correction, score and keys are directly accessible. This user-friendly application provides a navigation by pages or directly by tasks. All answers, scores, markups are saved.

Écho for iPad is available on the App Store in all countries.
Student and Workbook apps of the 5 levels, from A1 to B2, are sold separately within the main application at prices close to their paper versions. The main application is free and contains two samples for your evaluation.

Look for Écho méthode de français and download the free application on the App Store (*)

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Watch the video (in French) :

(*) - The main application can be downloaded exclusively from the App Store.
- Individual applications containing many enhancements, a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is required throughout the download that can take several minutes.
- After installation, all content, media and features are accessible without an internet connection
- To download a level or to receive updates, reconnect to the Internet over Wi-Fi.